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Insect Repellents

Bug-Ease Insect Repellent 4oz Fl.

Natural way to repel insects. Also an natural moisturizing cream and shower gel. Excellent for dry skin and has a citrus smell as a after shower perfume balm. Herbal Bug-Ease 4oz fl. Caution: Do not use if pregnant.
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Diatomaceous Earth 6oz

Spread natural diatomaceous earth over the soil in flower beds or around individual beds or around individual plants. The tiny sharp edge granules cut the soft-bodies slugs and cause them to dehydrate. Reapply after each rain fall.
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Jewelweed soap and Spray Kit (8 oz)

Poison Oak & Ivy

This powerful combination is great for outdoor trips. When spray is applied after washing with the soap, this becomes a great way to battle Poison Oak and Ivy.

Kit includes:

  • Jewelweed Soap (4 oz)
  • Jewelweed Spray (4 oz)
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