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Medicine Bee Herbals: Internal Parasites

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Internal Parasites

Diatomaceous Earth 6oz

Spread natural diatomaceous earth over the soil in flower beds or around individual beds or around individual plants. The tiny sharp edge granules cut the soft-bodies slugs and cause them to dehydrate. Reapply after each rain fall.
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Intestinal Parasites Syrup 4 oz

Intestinal Parasites Syrup (4 oz)

Organic and wildcrafted

Ingredients: Black Walnut leaf, Fennel seed, Senna leaf, Tansy herb, Tame Sage leaf, Wormwood herb, and Malefern leaf.

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No Lice Formula (2 oz)

  • Kills Lice safely without chemicals
  • Safe for adults, children and animals
  • Essential oil of Thyme, Lavender, Tea Tree oil, and pure Castile soap
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Pumpkin Seed Oil 100 soft gels (2 oz)

Helps eliminate parasites from the system. Also is beneficial for good prostate health. Soft gels - 1000 mg each.

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