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Medicine Bee Herbals: Organic Pest Controls

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Organic Pest Controls

Diatomaceous Earth 6oz

Spread natural diatomaceous earth over the soil in flower beds or around individual beds or around individual plants. The tiny sharp edge granules cut the soft-bodies slugs and cause them to dehydrate. Reapply after each rain fall.
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Dipel Dust (1 lb)

[Bacillis thuringiensis kurstaki strain]

Use 2 lb acre and 1-4 tsp a gallon and 0.5-2 lb/100 gal

Cabbageworms, mosquito larvae, army worms, tomato hornworms, other leaf-eating caterpillars and fungus gnats in green-house:

Best Organic Treatment: Products made from naturally occurring Bacillus Thuringiensis, often abbreviated, as Bt, such as Dipel Dust and Gnatrol. After the insects eat the insects the bacteria, their guts rupture and they die. It's important to note that sunlight degrades Bt after a few hours.

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