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Native Vegetable Seeds

painting by Renee New HejazeenNative American Vegetable Seeds

All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them.

-- Arapaho

Native Seeds are from the Native American Cultures of the Southwestern and northwestern United States. The preservation of these vegetable desert seeds contribute to protect crop biodiversity and to celebrate cultural diversity.

Some of the traditional crops are utilized by the Apache, Chemechuevi, Cocopah, Gila River Pima, Guarijio, Havasupai, Tohon O Odham, and the Yaqui cultures.

You, by using these seeds and participating in the ritual foods help fight the loss of traditional agriculture. The ultimate conservation of these crops lies with their continued use in the fields of the farmers who have steward them through-out time immemorial.

As a customer, you can help by purchasing these native seeds. The money or part of the proceeds goes to help Native Seeds, a seedbank house, to conserve the genetic diversity for the future generations.

Many of the wonderful ethnic native foods on this web site are organic and made by the indigenous native tribes. Ancient recipes used for thousands of years in the desert-valleys. Please visit Native Foods for delicious variety of desert treats!

Note: Substitutes will be sent of the same area if all out of one type of seeds.

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